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I want to help you develop your voice; personal style and big picture vision, online.
I specialize in working with Women, Creatives, Not For Profits, Charities, and Entrepreneurs, I also enjoy working with humans whose values align with my own. I want to help you take your vision online and make you shine. I specialize in writing and personal style development both on and offline.
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Writer, Social Media Curator, Wordpress Site Builder, Editor, Fashion Stylist, Lover of all Things Beautiful
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Personal style is a form of language that speaks to who you are before you ever make a sound. All of us choose every day who we want to be and what we wish to say by how we adorn ourselves, this is happening whether we are aware of it or want this to be true. Your personal style choice may be made out of a fresh new possibility that you create for yourself every day or be based on a story you created for yourself a long time ago. (I can get away with X but never Y) True style is not something that can be bought at a store, learned from a book or realized by getting a degree; it comes from deep self-confidence and absolute authenticity. My ability in the area of developing personal style for myself and others is innate and expertly honed through years of experience. My personal style is quirky and bold, I love loud color and over the top fashion. I am always looking for the perfect balance of volume, fit, form and colour, as the kids say “I’ve got steez.” As with physical style so with words, there is nothing quite like the feeling of crafting the perfect sentence, or worse than having to edit it out for the greater integrity of the work. Words give life meaning and finding the perfect ones, like developing personal style, is what creates a profound impression on our communities, both online and off. I would love to help you develop and expand your online personal style and help you to authentically ROAR.
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