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FRANQ GIRL MAGAZINE The First True Beauty Magazine for REAL teen girls.

FRANQ GIRL MAGAZINE is a social justice movement that includes an online community and live in school clubs. We work with teens and empower and inspire them to become leaders in their lives and communities, we want to represent girls in the broadest way possible; we are LGBTQ+ inclusive. 

We are an open platform and welcome writing, photography, and art from anyone who wishes to submit their work to us, we want to help as many people as we can to foster and grow their creativity and skill in writing and art. We think of FRANQ GIRL’s digital arm as a digital mentorship, teens helping teens.

We recently closed down our digital magazine that was available in app form, and are continuing with our digital magazine website, weekly newsletter, in school programming, and speaking engagements.

Below are the four issues we put out last year on the app.

All Graphic design was created and designed by the very talented Kristin Grimshaw  Creative Director of FRANQ GIRL MAGAZINE

Issue #1 of FRANQ GIRL MAGAZINE cover model Selina McCallum, styled by Peter Papapetrou and photographed by Andy Vanderkaay FRANQ GIRL-issue1

FINAL FRANQ GIRL-issue1_Page_01


Issue #2 Make Up Free photoshoot cover model Summeya Yaha photo by Diana Nazareth




Issue #3 the special teen-written issue cover designed by Susie Julia  FRANQ GIRL-ISSUE3 copy low res


Issue #4 The Jump issue  cover photography created by  Tracy Mulumba a photography student at Central Toronto Academy.

The Jump project was a collaboration between FRANQ GIRL and Central Toronto Academy and was the start of FRANQ GIRL’s in school programming. Issue4-JUMP reduced size