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Buttercake website Design  

Buttercake is a digital platform for the home cook and medical cannabis user. Buttercake makes cannabis edible tutorial videos and cannabis-infused baked goods.

Selfie Queen is a digital Kiosk that allows individuals to snap a selfie and upload it to a fixed social media page.

Selfie Queen Logo Selfie Queen Final


Social Media Sharable promoting the event Kalaik Kolangal 2015, EI Marketing and their product Selfie Queen. EI created hosted a contest with a prize give away as part of the promotion,  to help push customer engagement of the device and create visibility.


 First touch Pitch Deck for Electronic Digital Signage

Costco presentation Click here to look at PDF for the digital First touch iPad Presentation 


First touch leave behind Print Brochure

Folds into a 20 cm square

EI Print brochure EI Print brochure 2